A Warm Welcome to the TRIPLE Advisory Board Members!

At the end of October, we had issued a call for European experts from the social sciences and humanities (SSH) who would like to join the newly established TRIPLE Advisory Board (TAB). Many thanks to the twelve scholars who have volunteered to become part of the TRIPLE project and help us reach our objective to develop the innovative multilingual and multicultural discovery service GOTRIPLE.

Role of the Advisory Board

In accordance with our project philosophy to directly and actively involve the future user community in the development and design process, the TRIPLE Advisory Board (TAB) will provide strategic direction and support. The focus of our work with the TAB will be on specific technical issues such as the use of the MORESS categories to classify SSH disciplines, the TRIPLE data model and the thesaurus.

The TAB is meant to be a flexible, dynamic and rather informal group of experts that is going to work in an open, agile format. The contributions will be upon request from the TRIPLE Work Package Leaders Team and depend on the members’ availability and specific expertise with regard to their discipline and/or language(s). In this regard, the role of the TAB will be a bit different from traditional advisory or scientific committees.

The TAB members will also use opportunities to spread the word about TRIPLE within their own scientific and/or regional community in order to find potential beta testers of the future platform GOTRIPLE to gather their feedback on the design, the functionalities, usability aspects and their overall user experience. Upon completion of the project, the TAB member may also act as mentors for other users. 


The TRIPLE Advisory Board (TAB) is currently comprised of twelve members working in seven different European countries (Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Cyprus, Austria). Their disciplinary backgrounds include philosophy, history and art history, information science, archaeology, philology, linguistics, sociology, digital humanities.

List of members in alphabetical order:

Although the inaugural meeting of the TAB members with the TRIPLE team will not take place until January 2021, some members have offered to start working on specific tasks immediately. Great to have such a dynamic and pro-active pool of experts! We’re very much looking forward to collaborating with them.

A Warm Welcome to the TRIPLE Advisory Board Members!