TRIPLE ThatCamp #1: “Discovering Discovery”

Over the course of the project (2019-2023), TRIPLE will host three ThatCamp events, bringing together people who have an interest in Open Science in the social sciences and humanities (SSH): researchers, universities and other research institutions, publishers, libraries and Open Access repositories, but also non-academic groups such as IT experts, public authorities and policy makers, media, SMEs, NGOs and citizens.

ThatCamp stands for “The Humanities And Technology Camp”. It is a so-called unconference based on the BarCamp concept: an open, agile and spontaneous meeting where participants learn and work together by engaging in group discussions, co-working sessions or other forms of collaborative work. People engage with each other to “create, build, write, hack, and solve problems” ( 

It’s also non-hierarchical, non-disciplinary and inter-professional: from students to post-docs, from university librarians to research platform developers, from national government representatives to research policy makers on a European level – a variety of perspectives will enrich the discussions on Open Science in the social sciences and humanities.

At an unconference there are no designated presenters, no spectators, and all perspectives are equally valued. What you will also not find are prepared, monologuing presentations, papers, demonstrations or workshops. At the TRIPLE ThatCamps it is the participants themselves who set the agenda by proposing topics important to them in the weeks leading up to the event and deciding on the sessions on the day of the ThatCamp. The breakout sessions are organised by topic and led by one of the participants.

Each TRIPLE ThatCamp will address a specific overarching theme which relates, for instance, to Digital Humanities, discovery technologies, scientific communication, societal impact of research in the social sciences and humanities (SSH) or internationalisation of research.

If you want to learn more about ThatCamps, click here and here.

TRIPLE ThatCamp #1 (11 May 2021)

Discovering Discovery

Envision your ideal ecosystem for exploring research resources

TRIPLE ThatCamp Discovering Discovery
Photo by Noble Mitchell on Unsplash (CC0)


Tuesday, 11 May 2021, 9:30am to 5pm — Register here

What is it about?

The ThatCamp #1 is meant to provide a forum to share concepts, strategies and resources for discovering research and getting research discovered. The event is an opportunity to learn from each other, brainstorm together, identify roadblocks, raise concerns and dream up solutions on a peer-to-peer level. Join us to explore and discuss the depths of “discovery”!

The TRIPLE project’s main goal is to develop GOTRIPLE, an innovative multilingual and multicultural discovery solution for the social sciences and humanities (SSH). GOTRIPLE will provide a single access point for a variety of users (researchers, institutions such as universities and libraries, enterprises, consultancies and media representatives)

  • to discover and reuse open scholarly SSH resources, i.e. research data and publications, across disciplinary and language boundaries
  • to find and connect with other researchers and projects
  • to make use of innovative tools to support research (e.g. visualisation, annotation, trust building system, social network and recommender system)
  • to discover new ways of funding research (e.g. crowdfunding platform)

Therefore, we would like to find out more about future users’ perspectives on their research discovery journey:

  • How would you define “discovery” in the research cycle?
  • What is your epistemological stance on “discovery” in a research context?
  • What are your current strategies for discovering research resources?
  • How do you make sure your own research gets discovered?
  • What are you struggling with technologically?

Your discussions will help shape what we create!

Event documentation on Zenodo:

9:00Pre-event Technical Check (optional)
9:30-9:45Opening of ThatCamp (by Suzanne Dumouchel)
9:45-10:15Introduction & Warm-Up
10:15-11:15Session Pitches and Planning
11:30-13:00Sessions I
13:00-14:00Lunch break
14:00-15:30Sessions II
15:45-16:45Presentation of Results
16:45-17:00Wrap Up & Closing of Event

The event is free of charge and will be hosted using Zoom for video conferencing and Miro, a virtual collaborative whiteboard tool. Participants are encouraged to produce written and/or graphic materials to document their ideas. TRIPLE will share these with the community by publishing them on Zenodo and the TRIPLE website, as well as spreading them through social media. We draw from them to provide proof of the community’s desires, and advocate for getting the needs met.

Session formats are defined by the participants, i.e. the session leaders. Whether they are currently working on a project, article or talk, and would like others to join writing a draft paper collaboratively, or have a story to share on which they’d like to hear other participants’ opinions, or like to put a problem up for discussion and look for solutions together – whatever it is, everyone is invited to submit a suggestion. At the beginning of the event, those willing to lead a session will be invited to pitch their idea (30-60 seconds, depending on the number of suggestions), and participants will then vote on the topics that will actually find their way onto the agenda.

Who is the target audience?

We invite all those interested in the field of Open Science. The focus of the event will be on a social sciences and humanities (SSH) perspective, but people with a background in other fields are also welcome to join to make it a truly interdisciplinary event.

In particular, we target researchers, librarians and Open Science experts in research institutions, representatives of Open Access repositories and publishers who have an interest in discovery platforms. 


Register no later than 10 May 2021

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TRIPLE ThatCamp Team

Stefanie Pohle, MWS (Event Manager)

Kelly Achenbach, MWS (Participant Support Manager)

Emilie Blotière, Huma-Num (Zoom Manager)

Leonie Disch, Know-Center (Miro Board Manager)

Suzanne Dumouchel, Huma-Num (Speaker)

Ana Inkret, CESSDA/UL-ADP (Moderator)

André Pacheco, University of Coimbra (Moderator)

Drahomira Cupar, University of Zadar (Moderator)

Irena Vipavc Brvar, CESSDA/UL-ADP (Moderator)

Iva Melinščak Zlodi, FFZG (Moderator)

Marta Blaszczynska, IBL PAN (Moderator)

Nelson H. S. Ferreira, University of Coimbra (Moderator)

Tiziana Lombardo, Net7 (Moderator)

Judith Schulte, MWS (Social Media Manager)

Marlen Töpfer, MWS (Social Media Manager)

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