Dear Participants,

We invite you to join us in some social activities we have planned for you.

Social Dinner

On the 1st of February, we will meet shortly after the conference and head to the restaurant Im Stiefel which offers traditional German food. We have arranged a wide variety of Menus from which you can choose. There will be vegan/vegetarian options available. Please note that you will have to pay for your meal.

Date: 1st of February, 20.00

Restaurant : Im Stiefel

Address: Bonngasse 30, 53111 Bonn

Hiking to Drachenfels

Located in the heart of Siebenegebirge (seven mountains), Drachefells hill is home to two dramatic castles. The 19th-century Drachenfels palace and the ruins of the once mighty Drachenfels castle. The name Drachenfells English: Dragon Rock, originates from a legend that reads, There once laid a dragon in a cave, and it was slayed by the hero named Sigurd, and he bathed in its blood to become ironclad. The rock is formed by erupted magma, which in the end, cooled down and shaped the hill that remains to this day. The hill looks up to Rhein valley and many other mountain peaks. You will have an astonishing view of Bonn, the Rhein river and Siebengebirge. On a clear day, you can spot the majestic towers of Kölner Dom.

Join us hiking up to the iconic Drachenfells on the 3rd of February. We will meet shortly after the closing of the conference. The hike is exceptionally moderate and starts from Königswinter train station. The traditional ascent to the Drachenfels with the most beautiful view is the so-called Eselsweg. The total length of the hike will be approximately 4km. At the top of the hill, we will have a break, and there you will be able to get some snacks and drinks. Alternatively, you can take the Drachenfells tram that will take you up to the viewpoint.

Hiking Starting point Eselsweg: Wanderungen und Rundwege | komoot

Date: 3rd of February

Time: 15:00

Meeting point: Bonn Central Station

Misty Drachenfels

How to get there

Bonn Central Station Tram 66 Königswinter > Königswinter

We look forward to seeing you join us and make your time in Bonn enjoyable.