The GoTriple Hackathon is organised by TRIPLE partner EKT.

GoTriple Hackathon OPEN CALL

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When and where?

Preparatory meeting: 3 November 2021, 13:00 to 15:00 CET

Hackathon: 8–10 November & 15–16 November 2021

Virtual venue (MS Teams)

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Registration deadline has been extended to 27 October 2021.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where programmers, as well as scientists from other disciplines, come together for a short period of time in order to jointly work on a solution to a specific IT problem.

What is our goal?

The GoTriple Hackathon helps the TRIPLE project to develop and implement GoTriple, an innovative multilingual and multicultural discovery solution for the social sciences and humanities (SSH). GoTriple will provide a single access point for a wide range of users such as researchers, institutions such as universities and libraries, enterprises, consultancies and media representatives. Find out more about the platform here.

Multilingualism is an essential feature of the social sciences and humanities (SSH) since scholars in these disciplines often publish in their native language. As a result, people who are engaged in the organisation and reuse of the produced knowledge often face difficulties in their tasks. The TRIPLE project aims to provide solutions to these problems.

Those who are going to participate in the GoTriple Hackathon will work on the improvement of the coverage of the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) in the GoTriple vocabulary. Subject headings are specific words or phrases which are used in order to categorise and organise books and articles.

The Library of Congress Subject Headings is probably the most widely adopted subject indexing system in the world and has been translated into many languages. Despite the fact that LCSH is the most frequently translated Subject Headings System, there are discipline-specific vocabularies (i.e. selected lists of words which are used for the organisation of knowledge) which have not yet been correlated to the LCSH.

The challenge for the groups that will take part in this hackathon is to find solutions to the problem of mapping between vocabularies in the languages that are represented in the TRIPLE Project (Croatian, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish) and LCSH.

Who can participate?

We particularly invite software programmers with a dedicated interest in vocabularies, programming librarians, non-IT specialists who work with managing vocabularies, people working in repositories and, of course, researchers.

Hackathon participants will have the benefit of participating in an international exchange of knowledge about the procedures that should be followed in the future for the data mapping between LCSH or other international databases and national non-English data sources – a challenge that will be recurring in the years to come.

How does the Hackathon work?

The participants of the GoTriple Hackathon will form groups consisting of 5 to 7 persons. The groups may be formed before the Hackathon (by people who work at the same organisation for example), but they can also be formed in the preparatory meeting that will take place on 3 November from 13:00 to 15:00 CET. In this meeting, which is mandatory, guidelines and technical details about the Hackathon will be given to participants by the coordination team. 

Each group will work on a vocabulary in one of the languages of the GoTriple platform (Croatian, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish), with the aim to find a better way to do the mapping between these vocabularies and the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH).

Participants are expected to dedicate at least four hours a day to the Hackathon, on the days of the event (8–10 November & 15–16 November 2021). The team members can arrange the specific working times by themselves, except for the plenary meetings listed below.

Each group will have its own room on MS Teams where its members will be able to cooperate and interact, while there will be a common room where all groups will have the opportunity to meet and discuss the progress they have made or the problems they have encountered. The groups will have four days to fulfill their task after the initial meeting on the first day. On the last day, there will be the final discussion on the outcome of the Hackathon. Throughout the Hackathon, there will be dedicated time slots for providing technical support to the participants by the coordination team.

Hackathon Schedule

The GoTriple Hackathon will be a mix of individual group and plenary meetings:

  • 3 Nov., 13:00-15:00 CET: Pre-event plenary meeting
  • 8 Nov., 10:00-12:00 CET: Initial plenary meeting
  • 8-10 Nov. (min. 4 hours/day; times to be decided by each group individually): Hackathon
  • 10 Nov. (time TBD): Plenary meeting
  • 15-16 Nov. (min. 4 hours/day; times to be decided by each group individually): Hackathon
  • 16 Nov. (time TBD): Final plenary meeting

The final outcome of the Hackathon

The outputs of each group, which bring preliminary instructions and real-life examples of how to link national resources with multilingual authority databases, will help the TRIPLE project produce a set of good practices in the future.

The expected results will become a part of a broader landscape, where reuse of high-quality knowledge, multilingualism, reconciliation of data and linked open data meet.

Additionally, the outputs of the hackathon may be implemented into the TRIPLE project by enriching the existing concepts in one of the project’s work packages.

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