TRIPLE Collaborates with the European Digital Service Infrastructure eTranslation

The TRIPLE consortium is glad to announce a collaboration with the European Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) eTranslation.

As part of the European Union’s Digital Single Market strategy, a variety of different Digital Service Infrastructures, also called “Building Blocks”, are funded by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme.

eTranslation is one of these Building Blocks. It is “… an automated translation tool available to translate text excerpts or complete documents. It is also a Building Block you can integrate into your digital systems, if you need to embed them with translation capabilities.” (

The European Commission (EC) has also started to look into addressing the language barriers in the area of scientific publications. The European Parliament Resolution of 11 September 2018 on language equality in the digital age (2018/2028(INI)), in particular Recommendation § 33, urges “the Commission to seek solutions to ensure that scientific knowledge is made available in languages other than English”.

The future multilingual GOTRIPLE platform takes up the challenge of making research data from the social sciences and humanities (SSH) available in 9 languages (Croatian, French, English, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish). In view of the upcoming Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL) and a possible opening of the eTranslation API to academic users, the TRIPLE project is among the first to be involved in a pilot testing of that API for the scientific domain.

(featured image: Pixabay CC0)

TRIPLE Collaborates with the European Digital Service Infrastructure eTranslation
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