Crowdfunding Platform Call for Tender

The crowdfunding platform is one of the innovative services we plan to integrate with the discovery platform GOTRIPLE. The crowdfunding tool will help researchers finance their projects, thanks to the support of non-academic actors. Projects funded by this service can be considered as “pre-projects” before applying for national or European grants, or as “smaller projects” that do not necessarily need to apply for larger grants but still have a deep impact on societies.

We are now looking for a company who is interested in developing implementing such a crowdfunding tool. The successful applicant will respond within the framework of the TRIPLE project and will work mainly with Huma-Num (CNRS) but also with some of the other TRIPLE project European partners. The main tasks will include:

  • Provide a European crowdfunding platform for SSH research projects from a technical point of view, connected via API to the GOTRIPLE platform and some of its innovative services
  • Support researchers when submitting first projects
  • Subcontract payments and tax credit management at the European level

The Call for Tender is open until 17 May 2021. The task will be launched in June 2021.

Download the Call for Tender document (in French and English) with further information on the task and all relevant application details here: TRIPLE Crowdfunding Platform_Call for Tender.pdf

Link to the platform to submit your tender (only available in French): CNRS – PUMA: Platforme des Marchés adaptés

Call for Tender: Crowdfunding Platform
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