TRIPLE Launches Open Science Training Resources on DARIAH-Campus

The TRIPLE project has launched the first of several training resources on the DARIAH-Campus platform.  The training resource, entitled ‘The Open Access Publishing Platform ORE (Open Research Europe)‘, provides technical details on how ORE works and the benefits it has for researchers in the Social Sciences and Humanities. The training, which was part of the TRIPLE Open Science Training Series, was jointly led by Emma Lazzeri, Open Science researcher at GARR and ISTI-CNR, and Ilaria Fava, Project Officer in the field of Open Science at the Goettingen State University Library (UGOE), in April 2021.

The collection of resources that TRIPLE will contribute to DARIAH-Campus over the coming months will provide training on EOSC activities and related issues.  As both DARIAH and TRIPLE are committed to ensuring best practice in Open Science, this collection of resources will form an important contribution to ongoing skills development among researchers in the Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities.

More resources from TRIPLE will be added over the next few months, but you can view the first of these here now:

To find more resources on Open Science and many other topics within Digital Humanities, you can browse the collections on DARIAH-Campus here:

(image credits: Vicky Garnett)

A version of this post was first published by DARIAH-EU on 16 November 2021: link.

TRIPLE Launches Open Science Training Resources on DARIAH-Campus
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