Welcome to the 1st TRIPLE International Conference
Empowering Discovery in Open Social Sciences and Humanities!

We have compiled some information materials about the TRIPLE project, some of its partners and about the GoTriple platform.

Enjoy reading!

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TRIPLE Project

Website: https://project.gotriple.eu/

Twitter: @TripleEU

YouTube: TRIPLE Project

Flyer: “TRIPLE Project”

GoTriple platform

Website: https://www.gotriple.eu/

GoTriple video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HCNt1nZ2I0

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Fact Sheet: “GoTriple Beta”

We’re looking for early testers to try out the Beta version of the GoTriple platform. There’s different ways how you can engage:

  1. Join the Beta testing campaign with the EU project ReachOut and be in with a chance of a 30 Euro reward for participating and helping us make GoTriple better. Please access the testing platform here: https://www.reachout-project.eu/view/Main/#TRIPLE_anc.
  2. If you’d like to be involved in the qualitative testing phase, get in touch with p.forbes@abertay.ac.uk or s.depaoli@abertay.ac.uk from TRIPLE partner Abertay University.
  3. Click on the “bug button” on the GoTriple platform website and complete a short bug reporting form.

The best way to stay tuned about the Beta testing is to subscribe to the TRIPLE Community Mailing List.

Find more details here and become a GoTriple usability tester!

TRIPLE partners

You can find a complete list of all 21 TRIPLE partners with links to their website here.


Website: https://www.cessda.eu/

Twitter: @CESSDA_Data

Video: “Meet the Director Ron Dekker – 10 Questions to Ron Dekker!” (https://youtu.be/EWMayu104N0)


Website: https://www.clarin.eu


CLARIN in EU projects: https://www.clarin.eu/content/clarin-eu-projects

CLARIN services in EOSC: https://www.clarin.eu/eosc

Ready-To-Use Language Resources page: https://www.clarin.eu/content/language-resources

Fact sheet: “Language Resource Switchboard” (DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5495696)
Fact sheet: “Virtual Collection Registry” (DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5482899)


Website: https://www.dariah.eu/

Twitter: @DARIAHeu

Flyer: “DARIAH”
Poster: “DARIAH”


Website: https://www.huma-num.fr/

Twitter: @Huma_Num

Flyer: “Huma-Num”

Max Weber Foundation (MWS)

Website: https://www.maxweberstiftung.de/en

Twitter: @webertweets

Brochure: “The Max Weber Foundation and its institutes”


Website: https://www.netseven.it/en/

Twitter: @netseven_it

Flyer: “Net7”


Website: https://openknowledgemaps.org/

Twitter: @OK_Maps

Fact Sheet: “Open Knowledge Maps – Become a Supporting Member”


Website: https://www.operas-eu.org/

Blog: https://operas.hypotheses.org/

Twitter: @OPERASEU

Flyer: “OPERAS”

SSHOC Project

Website: https://sshopencloud.eu/

Twitter: @SSHOpenCloud

SSHOC is the “sister project” of TRIPLE. While TRIPLE provides, with the GoTriple discovery service, a single access point that allows you to explore, find, access and reuse research publications and data, projects and researcher profiles, SSHOC develops the SSH Open Marketplace which provides access to SSH resources such as tools and trainings from third parties. Both projects thus work in complementarity on service governance to optimise user involvement and improve SSH research. As thematic hubs, SSHOC and TRIPLE will bring SSH research into the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

Watch the Fireside Chat video with Suzanne Dumouchel in which she talks about the TRIPLE-SSHOC relationship (https://youtu.be/Tk6jD17zlrs).

Fact sheet: “SSH Open Marketplace”
Fact sheet: “Clusters/Key Exploitable Results of SSH Open Marketplace”

If we had met on site in Warsaw, we would have offered you some TRIPLE cookies too!